Level: Suitable for all

Length of class: 45 minutes

BarreEXPRESS offers the same workout intensity and muscle burn-out as our longer BarreSIGNATURE session, but quicker transitions between sets and less time spent on stretching means your workout is done in just 45 minutes. Classes will focus on one of four specific areas of the body - thighs, seat, Abs or arms & back.

If you’re short on time and need to fit your workouts in around a hectic schedule this fast-paced class is for you. You’ll notice a greater emphasis on strengthening and will feel the Barrecore burn quicker in this class than any other.

A word from the expert:

"This class is non-stop action. Transition time between sets is limited which makes adrenaline levels really high. Everyone's keen to find that muscle burn out as quickly as possible, getting lower and holding poses longer, as there's only 45 minutes to work the entire body. Working against the clock is a great motivator!"

Martha, Barrecore Teacher.

This class is perfect for those with busy diaries looking for a lunchtime or early morning workout!

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