Intelligent Exercise

Barrecore is a ballet-based workout that uses your own bodyweight as resistance. Our classes are designed to work your entire body – creating longer and toned muscles, reducing body fat and improving your posture and alignment.

Focusing on tiny isometrics movements and the integration of high-intensity, low-impact moves with static stretches, every major muscle group is given an effective workout to increase strength and flexibility whilst also creating lasting change in your body.

All Barrecore instructors undergo a rigorous 200 hour training programme before they are qualified to teach, making them experts in their field. Expect hands-on modifications during class to ensure you’re getting the most out of every move, as well as a running commentary letting you know the benefits of each move and where you should be feeling muscle burn.

Should you have any questions about technique, targeting specific body areas or modifications due to injury or pregnancy, instructors will always make time to chat to your (either before or after class), just ask!

Take a look at our unrivalled range of specialist barre fitness classes, there are classes for absolute beginners right up to advanced level.

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