International Women's Day Mindfulness Workshop

Date: Fri, 8 March 2019

Time: 19:30 – 20:30

Location: Barrecore Mayfair

Price: £28

We will start with a 30-minute Restorative Stretch class with Barrecore Lead Instructor Natalie

The Barrecore Stretch class incorporates foam rolling and fascial release techniques with lengthening stretches to aid muscle recovery and ease tension. This is an amazing way to detoxify the body and relax both your muscles and your mind. We will end with some relaxation techniques using aromatherapy balms from the brand Scentered.

This will be followed by a 30-minute Guided Mindfulness Meditation with Fiorenza Rossini

Fiorenza is a certified mindfulness teacher, professional life coach, speaker and writer and aims to help her clients reclaim a balanced life. She will guide you through a body scan meditation which will help you reconnect with your body and feel calmer and more grounded.
You will also get to take away a goodie bag full of wellness treats including some Scentered products for you to use at home!

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