Welcome To Your First Barre Fitness Class

Get ready to embrace the Barrecore 'shake' as we give every major muscle group in your body a positive workout, whatever your fitness level. This is how we create a sustainable change in your body. Led by our specialist instructors, classes are set to upbeat music and incorporate high repetitions of classic barre moves to help craft a long, lean and strong physique. Each class begins with a vigorous warm-up and ends with a full stretch and relaxing Savasana, with our instructors always on hand to guide you through every step.

Introductory Guide

  • We recommend wearing comfortable workout clothes for all of our classes. Non-slip socks are an absolute must, but toeless ones are not permitted – we stock grippy socks at the Studios, should you need any. Please don’t enter the Studio with bare feet or with your shoes on. There are shoe racks outside each Studio room.
  • Many of our Studios have showers and offer all the essentials - free towels, deodorant, hair dryers, make up remover and shower gel, etc. (please refer to each Studio's page for a list of their facilities).
  • All of our Studios also have fresh water dispensers. Please don't bring open cups into class. You can also buy stylish water bottles, bottled water, snacks and barre workout clothing in several of our Studios.
  • We ask that you don’t bring your mobile phone into the studio room, so there are no interruptions.
  • Please arrive for your class at least 5 minutes early, so you have plenty of time to sign-in.

IMPORTANT: Clients are not permitted into the Studio room if they are more than 5 minutes late.

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