Welcome To Your First Barre Fitness Class

Get ready to embrace the Barrecore 'shake'. Our intelligent exercise approach works every major muscle group in your body, whatever your fitness level, creating lasting change you’ll start to notice after just a few classes. Here’s a little more on what to expect from your first Barrecore experience. We look forward to welcoming you in Studio soon!

Choosing The Right Class

When you are starting off at Barrecore it's really important that you book the right level of class. Regardless of your general fitness level, you need to start by learning the right way to do our classic Barrecore moves, before you progress and attempt technically more difficult classes.

All of our classes are set to upbeat music and incorporate high repetitions of barre moves to help craft a long, lean and strong physique. Each class begins with a vigorous warm-up (often including small hand weights) and ends with a full stretch and relaxing Savasana, with our instructors on hand to guide you through every step.

We have a host of different class formats to choose from and for beginners we highly recommend you start your journey with our SIGNATURE LITE class. The focus in this class is on understanding technique, which will allow you to get to grips with the moves before stepping up to your next challenge.

You can view more detail on individual classes by clicking on the class names above, or by visiting our CLASSES page.

Please ensure that you don’t mistakenly book initially into an Intermediate or Advanced Class. If you have, contact the Studio and they will be happy to re-book you.

We recommend wearing comfortable workout clothes for all of our classes - active wear leggings and a top.

Non-slip socks are an absolute must – we stock barre fitness grippy socks at the Studios, should you need any.

Please note that toe-less socks are not permitted.

Please don’t enter the Studio with bare feet or with your shoes on. There are shoe racks outside each Studio room or you can store them in the Changing Room (where available).

Many of our Studios have showers and offer all the essentials - free towels, deodorant, hair dryers, make-up remover and shower gel, etc.

All of our Studios also have fresh water dispensers. Please don't bring open cups into class. You can also buy stylish water bottles, bottled water, snacks and barre workout clothing in several of our Studios.

Please refer to each Studio's LOCATIONS page for a list of their facilities.

We ask that you don’t bring your mobile phone into the studio room, so there are no interruptions.

Our instructors reserve the right to ask you to leave class if it is unsuitable for a pregnant woman or if you have not completed the stipulated number of classes required prior to moving up a level.

Please arrive for your class at least 5 minutes early, so you have plenty of time to sign-in.


Clients are not permitted into the Studio room if they are more than 5 minutes late.

When you enter our Studios you might be surprised to find that they are carpeted.

You may be used to working out on a hard surface, but there is method behind the madness! The reason for using a carpeted surface is primarily for your comfort and safety. Carpet provides a lower impact surface to workout on, meaning less stress on your joints and more cushioning for floor based moves.

Our 'magic' carpet is also the main reason we require clients to wear socks in class. This, along with a rigorous cleaning method twice daily, help us keep our carpets to the highest standard of cleanliness so you can enjoy your workout in the best surroundings possible.

All Barrecore classes are led by our specialist instructors who undergo 200 hours of intensive barre fitness training over a two and a half month training period before being formally tested and qualifying.

Our instructors give hands on adjustments throughout class to ensure you’re getting the most out of every exercise. They also provide a commentary relating to the moves being undertaken and the benefits of those on the body, as well as explaining where you should be feeling muscle burn.

Modifications are given for every move, so you can choose whether to take a less strenuous or more advanced route. Should you have any concerns or questions, instructors are always happy to chat before or after class, just ask.

Remember, it’s totally normal (and a good sign) if you ache a little after your first few classes. It means you made a deep connection in your muscles and are continuing to burn fat even after class has finished.

We’re very proud of the like-minded, friendly, supportive community of barre fitness fans we’ve built up at Barrecore over the last few years.

To help you feel right at home on your first visit, please do give us a call in advance so we can arrange a short tour of the Studio and its facilities, as well as giving us the opportunity to introduce you to your instructor so that they can make sure you have all you need ahead of class.