Membership Terms & Conditions

Barre Freedom, Barre Solo & Barre Eight Memberships

I understand that this contract is for a 3-month minimum period.

This agreement is a month-to-month agreement “Monthly Membership” and except as otherwise noted, this agreement will remain in force unless I cancel it by giving 30 days written notice to the Company prior to my next billing date, otherwise the next monthly payment will be processed.

I may request cancellation of my Membership at the end of the first two months, but will be charged for the third month as per the 30 day minimum notice period requirement. Please note that Barre Freedom Members who stay a Member for more than three months, will qualify for a complimentary Private Barre session, as part of their Membership Rewards package.

Membership Contracts: Start Dates

Barre Freedom and Barre Solo Memberships will be started from the sales date.

Barre Eight Memberships will start on the 1st of the month only. Members who want to start going to class beforehand can purchase classes for their own use only at the preferential rate for a maximum period of 16 (sixteen) days or until their Membership starts, whichever is the sooner.

Studio Access by Membership Type

Barre Freedom Members have access to all Barrecore Studios in the UK with the exception of Alderley Edge Studio.

Barre Eight Members have access to all Barrecore London Studios.

Barre Solo Members have access to their nominated Studio only.

Barre Freedom & Barre Solo Annual Membership

I understand and agree that this Membership is non-refundable, non-transferrable and that the minimum contract period is 12-months.

Full payment must be received and must clear the Company's nominated Bank account before the commencement date of the Membership.

Barre Freedom Annual Members will receive a complimentary Private Barre session in their first month of joining, as part of their Membership Rewards Package.

Barre Eight Membership

Eight (8) group class credits will be issued to you at the start of every calendar month that you are a Barre Eight Member. Unused classes cannot be carried over at the end of the month and no refunds will be issued against unused classes. Class credits are non-transferable.

Barre Eight Members can 'top up' the number of classes that they want to take in any given month at the preferential rate of £22.00 per class (London).

Membership Rewards

Members will receive a number of exclusive Membership Rewards and benefits, as advertised on The Company reserves the right to amend these rewards and benefits at its sole discretion, at any time.

Member Rewards are non-transferable between Members and Clients.

No cash alternatives will be offered.

Guest Passes

  • To claim a Guest Pass simply ask in Studio and it will be processed by our Front Desk Staff
  • A single Guest Pass will be available for use every month you remain a Member, with the exception of when your Membership is suspended - then you cannot claim a Free Guest Pass
  • Guest Passes can only be used in the month issued and cannot be carried over if un-used
  • Members may invite the same person to be their guest as many times as they like. Guests must be 16 (sixteen) years of age or more
  • Each guest must first sign up on
  • Members must accompany their guests in class
  • Members cannot attend class using a Guest Pass in lieu of a class credit or payment
  • Guest passes do not roll over to the next month if unused

Complimentary Private Barre Session (Barre Freedom Members)

This entitles the Member to a 55 minute session of Private Barre at their Home Studio.

The Private Barre Session will expire one month after issue.


Studios in London will run a series of Masterclass events throughout the year. Members will be entitled to free access to one event per Quarter.

Barrecore cannot guarantee that all members who wish to attend these events a place, as spaces are limited. These events are also open to non-members at a cost of £35 per person.

Video Workout Subscription

To gain unlimited access to our library of online video workouts, eligible Members will first need to request a unique voucher code from the studio.

This will give them complimentary access to the Barrecore video workout library, made available on

This access is provided for each Member’s personal use only. Members will only be able to continue to access this service while their Membership is active.

Special Workshops, Classes & Events

I understand that from time-to-time Barrecore may offer special workshops or other non-standard classes that are completely separate from my Membership, and if I wish to attend I will pay separately for them. As a Barrecore Member I will be eligible to a Member Discount on these special workshops and non-standard classes.

Membership Discounts on Products and Services

The level of Discount varies by the type of Membership purchased. Applicable Items and the services sold by Barrecore also vary by Studio location. Discounts can be applied to food, drinks, clothing, specialist workshops, and to multi-session purchases of Private Barre. Discounts do not apply to individual One-to-One session purchases.

Our Rights to Cancel your Membership

The Company reserves the right to cancel my Membership at any time, for whatever reason.

Suspension of Membership

There are two circumstances in which a Member can suspend their Membership:

  • Members may suspend their Membership once every 12 months, for a maximum period of 4 weeks, and shall pay an administrative charge of £75 (Barre Freedom Members) or £50 (Barre Solo and Barre Eight Members) when they execute this right. Payment must be made in full before the suspension period starts. Notice must be in made writing to [email protected] with a minimum 14 days advance notice of next scheduled Membership payment.
  • Suspension of Membership on medical grounds means that you cannot use our Studio's facilities or participate in classes and is by application only and must be in made writing to [email protected] with a minimum 14 days advance notice of next scheduled Membership payment. The decision to accept or reject an application from a Client to suspend their Membership is at the sole discretion of the Studio Manager and you must provide suitable evidence to support your application. The maximum period that a Membership can be suspended for medical reasons is 6 months.

Ending your Membership early

Medical condition, redundancy, insolvency, employment relocation, house move or other changes in personal circumstances.

You can end your Membership prior to the required 3 month minimum commitment period if you are:

  • Suffering from a medical condition which means you are unable to use our Studio’s facilities.
  • You are made redundant by your employer or are declared insolvent.
  • You are being relocated in your employment to a location which is more than 30 minutes travel from a Barrecore Studio.
  • You are moving home to a location which is more than 30 minutes travel from a Barrecore Studio.
  • We are satisfied that there has been a change in your personal circumstances, other than those listed above, which means that it is no longer reasonable for you to use our Studio’s facilities or to continue being a Member of Barrecore.

To end your Membership for one of the reasons listed above, you must give us notice in writing prior to your next payment date, otherwise you will be charged. Your Membership will end 30 days after we receive your written notice and suitable evidence. Annual Memberships are non-refundable but we may be able to freeze any remaining prepaid months if above evidence is provided.

Increase in Membership Fees

You can end your Membership if we give you notice of an increase in your Membership fee of more than either 1% above the rate of inflation or 3%, whichever is higher. The rate of inflation means the Retail Prices Index All Items 12-month percentage change published by the Office for National Statistics for the July before the date on which we give you notice.

You must give us notice in writing. The period of notice is 30 days for 3-month rolling contracts and 90 days for an Annual Membership.

Membership Rate Discounts

You may be eligible for the following discounts off the monthly Membership fee:

  • Young Person (under 25) and Student discount of 20%
  • Corporate discount of 10% (where 5 or more Members join from the same company)

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