Here’s how our Teacher Trainer, Emily King, recommends you take on your first week to progress, improve and most importantly start seeing the results of your hard work, fast!

Day One - Signature Lite

If you’re keen to start shaking at the barre but perhaps a little unsure of what to expect, how to get the correct technique and what the barre burn should feel like, then this class will ease you in.

Signature Lite is similar to our original Signature class, however, a greater repetition of moves are used giving you more time to perfect each exercise. This class is not only recommended for beginners, but also for those recovering from injury, pre or post natal or those getting back into fitness after some time off - or those just keen to dig a little deeper into their technique.

Day Two - Rest Day

Give yourself a break. You’ve discovered muscles in parts of your body that you didn’t even know existed. Take a day to relax, recover and refresh.

Day Three - Signature

If you found Signature Lite to suit your fitness level, you should continue to take this class and learn how to perfect your technique at your own pace.

But if you felt you smashed our Lite class and want to give our famous Signature class a go, then today is the day. It flows through the moves more quickly than Lite and you’ll reach that calorie burning, body shaking zone much faster. But embrace it. The tougher the class, the quicker you’ll see those long lasting results.

Day Four - Stretch

Follow up your first two classes with a Stretch class to ensure you help your muscles recover. Our stretch class incorporates fascial release techniques with lengthening stretches to aid muscle recovery and ease any tension, aches or pains in the body. These techniques also encourage muscles to elongate, detoxify and ultimately become more flexible.

Day Five - Rest

It’s important to listen to your body, and ease your body into this new workout. Have another rest day, they're just as important as workouts.

Day Six - Signature Express

If your day is packed full with life's admin then we recommend squeezing in a Signature Express class. Our Signature Express class follows the same format as Signature but it's just 45 minutes long as the transition period between each exercise is faster. Express also have a focus throughout such as abs or thighs.

Day Seven - Rest

You've earned another rest day, thank goodness! Look after your body so you're ready to take on the following week.

New to Barrecore? Here's a good schedule for your first week