Want to hit your 2018 fitness goals but need a little guidance to give structure to your week? Here’s a weekly schedule that Teacher Trainer, Emily King, recommends you follow. This mixed combination of classes will help you see rapid results. And remember to ensure you get the most out of each and every minute you put in at the barre it's well worth booking a Private Barre session with your favourite instructor, so you can work on your technique.


Monday's can be tough but it's all about starting the week as you mean to go on. Get up early and squeeze in our original Signature class before you start your day. It’s tough but it’s not our toughest, so there's no excuses and just think how smug you'll feel by lunchtime knowing the hard work at the barre is already done.

Tuesday - SCULPT

On Tuesday book into a Sculpt class. It’s all about upping that intensity. So grab a resistance band and feel your body change. We tend to flag as we get towards the end of the week so get sculpting and toning whilst you still have that drive.

Wednesday - REST

Feeling a little sore after yesterday’s Sculpt session? Well you’ll be pleased to know that you’ve got the hardest part of the week out of the way, well done! It’s time for a rest. You don’t want to exhaust yourself or your muscles so take the day off (from your barre classes, not your job). Your muscles need time to repair and recover, if you don’t take rest days, you’re more likely to injure yourself and less likely to see long lasting change.

Thursday - HIIT and STRETCH

You’ve had a break so now it’s time to up the gears. Get yourself to a HIIT class. Go and give it 110%, work your body to it’s maximum, you don’t want to leave the Studio wishing you’d done more. Following HIIT, try a Stretch class either straight away if that option is available for you, or alternatively, later in the day. After working yourself that hard, it’s important to stretch out your muscles so you’re not sore the next day. It will feel super satisfying!


It’s Friday, you’re probably in a hurry to hit the other type of bar. So, nip along to a 45 minute Signature Express class. You’ll feel sexier in your LBD and it means there’s not as much pressure to go to the Studio over the weekend.

Saturday - REST

Another rest day, woo! Use it wisely - eat well, stay hydrated, fit in some me time and catch up on sleep.

Sunday - ASANA

It’s a Sunday, you want to feel zen, chilled-out and ready to face Monday again. Stroll over to the Studio and take an Asana class. Relax, unwind and enjoy.

This schedule is for those who are really keen to up their workouts. The minimum number of classes we recommend you do in a week to see lasting change is four. Come to Studio four times a week and you'll certainly see positive, long lasting changes.

Get the most out of your Barrecore classes with this weekly plan from Teacher Trainer, Emily King
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