Barre Fitness Journey - Barrecore


After just a few sessions at Barrecore I noticed my bum was perkier. A week later, the backs of my thighs had slimmed down, two weeks in I had more definition in my arms and after a month of taking three classes a week my stubborn triceps became visible. I was officially hooked!
I started at Barrecore as a New Year’s resolution (expecting to give up after a couple of weeks) but to my total surprise this was a workout I actually enjoyed. No more relentless trudging on treadmill at the gym for me!

The inventive format meant classes were always different, I didn’t get bored and before I knew the session was over and I was resting in savasana. The technique uses your own bodyweight for resistance, concentrating on tiny isometric movements which felt customized to me and my fitness level. On the days that I was tired after a long day at the office, or sore from the workout the day before, I could modify positions accordingly. And on the days that I felt strong, I could push to shaking point in a mixed class or challenge myself with even further in a cardio class. I could see my strength and endurance building up.

By the Summer I was regularly attending four to five classes per week, but despite gaining definition in most areas, I found it hard to budge my stubborn tummy weight. I always resigned myself to the fact that I was someone who would never have abs. I have very little flexibility in my back and I thought my body just wasn’t built for anything but a slightly squishy tummy. I was interested in nutritional advice to supplement my practice, so I began nutritional consultations.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all deprivation diet, Barrecore’s nutrition programme is bespoke for each Client and is grounded in principles of eating clean, including good fats and lean protein. After listening to my eating habits, health and specific concerns (I don’t need a six pack, can I just have a two pack?) my trouble areas were accessed and I was provided with coaching to help me more effectively build muscle and a leaner overall look. There were no soul-destroying guilt trips you sometimes get from trainers and nutritionists (you ate what?!) -this is a supportive approach meant for real life.

As I approach two years as a dedicated Barrecore Client, here’s what I’ve learned; A successful relationship with fitness has to fit my life in order be sustainable in the long term. I will and should eat pasta while on holiday in Italy – it’s cultural, it would be rude not to – but I can also throw in a Barrecore online workout to balance it out.

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