Most of us are plagued with a cold at some point during Winter. So, the question is, should you completely ignore it like a true warrior and continue your hardcore workout, or should you let the illness take over and stay in the comfort of your bed until it passes?

Well the answer is a little more complex than that. If your symptoms are above the neck then you’re okay to do a gentle workout. If your nose is running, your throat is sore and your head a little painful, then hit the barre but be sure to take it easy. Use modifications when appropriate and don’t push yourself too hard.

If your symptoms are below the neck; your tummy is hurting, you’re feeling nauseous, you have a fever, fatigue or widespread muscle aches, then avoid working out at all costs. You’re better off resting and making a speedy recovery rather than tiring yourself out and prolonging the symptoms.

So, if you’re currently wrestling with a cold but you’re feeling up to some gentle exercise, here’s what we recommend you do:

1. Swap running to the Studio for power walking to the Studio - Your energy levels won’t be as high as they normally are but a 20 minute brisk walk will get the blood pumping and help you to take deep breaths, opening up those passages and making breathing easier. In contrast, running puts a lot of strain on the body and the immune system.

2. Swap a Barrecore class for a Barrecore home workout video - As well as thinking about the effects of working on your own body, you need to consider the people around you too. Heading into Studio will spread the germs and could cause others to be ill if you are contagious. You’re best off sticking to a home workout video, which can be found here, and doing a gentle Barrecore class from the comfort of your own home.

3. Swap your heavier weights for lighter ones and focus more on stretching during you Barrecore workout - Lifting weights requires a lot of effort and energy, something your body will be lacking, especially if your quality of sleep has diminished. So instead of picking up those 4kg weights, go for the 1kgs instead, just until you're feeling back to your normal self. Really focus on your stretches between sets and on your breathing. Your body releases the stress hormone cortisol while it's fighting infections, and research suggests that stress-relieving exercises, such as stretching and breathing, may help boost immunity.

We hope these few tips have helped you make a full recovery!

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