This week we try out the Signature at Barrecore.

When and where

Barrecore’s Kensington studio, Mondays at 5.30pm.

What’s the drill?

A 55-minute class using a combination of ballet barre, your own bodyweight, lightweight props and high repetitions to work your whole body. Expect your muscles to burn immediately (and possibly shake). You’ll do a warm-up followed by three sets — thighs, seat and abs — before finishing with stretches. Instructor Naomi dims the lights for the final warm-down so you leave feeling calm.

The skinny

Push your way through a class a few times a week and you’ll tone up fast (as Barrecore’s regulars prove). You won’t get out of breath or leave dripping, but don’t be fooled by the word ballet — your body will shake and you’ll feel it in places you don’t reach during HIIT: think lower abs, glutes and inner thighs. Just wait until the next day.

The social network

Pippa Middleton, Poppy Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn are fans, and the post-work crowd is a mixture of young professionals, part-time models and Kensington mums.

Instructor appeal

Naomi usually does the Monday class. She encourages you to push yourself and gives you the option to upgrade most exercises if you’re finding it too easy. Her approach is hands-on: she’ll take injuries into account and give you personalised advice as she wanders the room.

What to pack

A good pair of socks for those leg-lifts at the barre. Grippy ones are ideal but standard socks are fine as the studio is carpeted. Towels are provided.

The sounds

Naomi’s upbeat soundtrack will push you through those ball squeezes.

Locker-room chat

The facilities are currently under a revamp so space is tight. There’s a simple changing room next to the studio, but if you want a shower you’ll have to make do with one small cubicle upstairs, so prepare to queue. Lockers come with keys so you don’t need a padlock.

Tips for first-timers

Get yourself a mat by the mirror and Naomi will tell you what equipment you need: normally hand weights, resistance bands and a medicine ball. Class numbers are small.

The after-burn

The burn comes immediately but post-workout stretching is thorough, so you won’t feel too stiff the next day.

From £28/class, barrecore.co.uk

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"Expect your muscles to burn immediately (and possibly shake)."