Barrecore bootcamp week three: a hard and fast sequence that targets those hard-to-reach muscles in the thighs.

If your thighs aren’t shaking, you’re not working hard enough

This is a hard and fast sequence that targets those hard-to-reach muscles in the thighs. You’ll need a resistance band to get the most out of the sequence. A collapsible barre is optional — if you don’t have one, you can also use a chair.

1. Vertical V with looped band around thighs

Using a chair/surface to help with balance, stand with your heels together, toes two inches apart and a band around your shins or thighs. Lift the heels one inch off the floor and bend the knees. Wrap your thighs in the band by squeezing your glutes — don’t let the knees pull back together and keep the movement small. Repeat this 20 times. Hold the wrap and slowly lower yourself down to your heels and back to your start position. Don’t stretch the legs. Repeat this eight times. Repeat the full set four times — or until your thighs are shaking!

2. Curtsey lunge

Send one leg back and bend the knee so it is directly under your hip. Make sure the back heel is lifted and the front heel is flat to the floor and that both sets of toes are turned out. Drop the back knee down one inch and hold for four counts, repeat eight times before speeding up for another eight counts, but keep the movement tiny. Repeat four times before finishing with a 30-second hold.

3. Leg extensions profile to the barre in parallel

Stand with your feet together, sideways to your surface. Extend your outside leg as long and high as you can without collapsing in your waistline. Tap the toes to the floor and lift back up with control. Hold your leg up and pulse at the top. Hold it high to finish. Perform each movement eight times and the hold for 10 seconds. Then do the same on the other leg. Repeat four times.

4. Thigh dancing

Sit with your toes together and knees four inches apart. Hover your seat away from your heels and keep the torso upright. To feel the burn, tuck the pelvis forwards 10 times and shake your hips right and left another 10 times.

Repeat this sequence five times.

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"If your thighs aren’t shaking, you’re not working hard enough"