"The instructor who transformed my body confidence"

Emily King inspires Sarah McGinnis, Art Editor

“About two years ago I was the most unfit I had ever been. I lacked confidence in the body department and I hated the thought of going to a fitness class in a room full of fit and body-confident women. A friend dragged me to sign up to a month's Barrecore membership with her and since that day I’ve had a regular membership and find myself taking on a range of fitness classes at 7am before my working day. I would probably still be hating my body and too embarrassed to enter a class if it wasn't for crossing paths with Emily King, teacher trainer, PT and instructor at Barrecore. For me, it's all about the instructor. You want someone inspiring and aspirational yet someone who's actually pretty down to earth.

"Without sounding like a total girl fan, Emily ticks all of those boxes and made me learn to enjoy fitness and not see it as a chore. I would book into a killer HIIT class she was teaching whether I felt up for it or not; guaranteed I was going to come out of there in a much better headspace and feel ready to tackle anything. Encouraging, kind and throwing so much laughter and positivity around the studio, she transformed my confidence and made me realise that everyone is strong, everyone can push themselves and you are only ever competing with yourself, not the person who's done 10 more squats than you. I don’t get to many of her classes at the moment, but she’s given me a fundamental mindset that I try to take with me every day. Everyone needs to meet an Emily in their life. Get down to one of her classes and see for yourself.

*Disclaimer: She’s known for an absolute killer thigh set and the heaviest set of weights - that, I will never thank her for!”