The discovery came in the bath, of all places. Eighteen months ago, I glanced down while having a soak and did a double take. The left side of my body - stretching from my ankle to the bottom of my ribs - was easily 25% smaller than my right side.

Immediately I knew the culprit.

Soon thereafter I was diagnosed with MS - Multiple Sclerosis - a disease in which the immune system, for unknown reasons, attacks the nervous system, often causing weakness and imbalances in certain parts of the body.

After visiting a few gyms who turned me away for reasons I will never understand, I finally found Barrecore.

During my early private sessions with teacher Charlotte, she spent a lot of time making sure my alignment was correct. This was key, she said, to take stress and strain off my spine and joints.

Every position I took – be it on the barre, standing or on the floor – she would monitor me: circling and making adjustments to ensure I was even on both sides.

What also helped enormously was seeing my own reflection in the mirror. My yoga classes didn’t have mirrors, so for ages I had assumed I was aligned, which for many people is a mistake.

Charlotte explains;

“The most significant thing we did was take the fear out of exercise and movement. A lot of people who are diagnosed with health conditions or are injured often lost the hope and willpower to exercise because they are afraid of causing more damage.

With the combination of barre and functional training, we ensured Rachel was always working safely and progressively.”

Fast forward to today. Under Charlotte’s expertise and The Barrecore Method – my posture strength, flexibility and even breathing have all improved dramatically. I have also started running again – believe it or not!

I have these one-to-one sessions to thank for this renewed confidence and strength. They have given me back something I thought I had lost forever.

For more information on Multiple Sclerosis, visit the MS Society and Multiple Sclerosis Trust.