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We all know that prevention is better than cure and Barrecore is an excellent way to exercise safely and build a strong environment for your muscles. However, your work life and other forms of exercising can result in injury so we've teamed with Perfect Balance Clinic in Harley Street and St Paul's. Their physiotherapist, Sophie Lane, has answered some questions about how to improve your posture and alignment at your work stations, as well as why Barrecore is such a powerful way of exercising!

What exercises can people do at their desks to improve their posture and alignment?

When sitting at a desk all day, some people may adopt a slouched seating position. This is a common problem and often caused by muscle imbalances, where the chest muscles become tight, and the back muscles become lengthened and weak. Make sure your desk is set up correctly, if you are unsure about this then Perfect Balance Clinic offers comprehensive workstation assessments.

This is a good place to start, as well as putting post it notes around your work station to give yourself prompts to sit up straight, have a drink of water and walk around the office. I often recommend that people have kinesio tape applied, which can support the appropriate muscles and help you start noticing when you start slouching as you can feel the tape.

In regards to exercises at your desk, make sure you first have a good workstation set up, including an appropriate chair and computer layout. If you are experiencing any discomfort or pain then it may be worth seeing a Physiotherapist as they can recommend some appropriate and specific exercises to reduce muscle imbalances. Exercises that you can add in while sitting at your desk can include, rolling your shoulders to open the chest, squeezing the glute muscles, holding for 3 seconds and then relaxing and engaging your core muscles, an easy way to start this is to draw your navel into your spine. Classes at Barrecore will also help engage and work your very important core muscles.

What’s your favourite Barrecore move and why?

I love the L shape position as it really works the glutes and legs. The best thing about Barrecore though is that due to the vast library of exercises, every single class will be different. Therefore your body is always challenged. This is so important as the body is designed to move, lots of professions are fairly desk based and so this can cause the glute muscles to disengage. The glute muscles are so important in preventing lower limb injuries, as they are a large power and stabilising muscle.

Why do you recommend Barrecore to your clients?

Barrecore offers the best workout and rehabilitation to Clients taking inspiration from dance, pilates and yoga. I have attended the classes, and I love how the instructors are so informative, and knowledgeable about your body, and adjust the positions to meet your individual requirements. With Barrecore you don't just gain the long lean 'dancer's' body, but the nature of the exercises can prevent injuries and also aid with rehabilitation after injury.

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Improving Your Balance - Barre Exercises Improving Your Balance - Barre Exercises