Pre and Post Workout Food


Ever find yourself getting hungry before or directly after your Barrecore class? Our Founder Niki Rein has some top tips on the best foods to reach for.

Pre-class Fats and Protein

"I always recommend healthy fats or protein such as activated nuts, an egg or a spoonful of coconut oil, instead of carbohydrates, before you hit the barre so you efficiently get the fat melting effects from your workout. When you eat carbohydrates prior to training you may feel you have more energy whilst exercising but this is because you are burning through the glucose (sugar released from carbs) before you even get to your fat stores. That said, if your goal is not to lose body fat, feel free to choose healthy carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, date based snack bars or a smoothie otherwise focus on fat intake."

Post-class Antioxidants

"Post-class is the best time to have thinned skinned, high antioxidant fruits such as berries, green apple or your favourite grain-free snack bar. The antioxidants help reduce inflammation from exercise and also calm cortisol levels that naturally rise during exercise. Plus, this small (I mean small. No cakes or potatoes please) amount of glucose will help slightly increase your insulin levels so amino acid uptake increases for faster muscle protein synthesis (the prepare and build phase of muscle change). This combination of fat prior to training and high antioxidant carbohydrates post training is a sure way to staying lean, avoid bulking and recover faster."

You can find a whole host of delicious, healthy grab-and-go snack options available to purchase at our central London Studios (and remember Members get a discount!).

Combining fats prior to training and high antioxidant carbohydrates post training is a sure way to stay lean
Pre and Post Workout Food Pre and Post Workout Food