Membership Offer - One Month Free - Moorgate Studio

This offer applies to Barre Eight and Barre Freedom memberships.

These Memberships are for an initial 3-month period, and then become one month rolling contracts.

In month four of your Membership, no Membership Fee will be taken for the month by Barrecore.

These Memberships are for Members that intend to use predominantly the Moorgate Studio as their Home Studio.

Offer End Date: 30th April, 2017

Barre Freedom Memberships must start on or before 30th April, 2017.

Barre Eight Memberships must start on 1st May, 2017

Offer excludes Barre Freedom Annual Membership. This Membership offers 12 months for the price of 10 months - for the Studio Pre-Opening promotional period only.

Corporate and Young Persons Discounts can be applied to the monthly Membership Fee, once it has been proven that you meet the qualifying criteria.